What Is Setting ?

  • The time and location in which a story takes place

      Setting In QWERTYUIOP


      • Lucy lives with her mother, a patient woman and her Uncle Bert. They are poor and live a simple life. Uncle Bert is constantly drunk, taking money from them. Lucy desperately needs a job because she is fed-up of being poor.


        • Lucy's workplace is Ross and Bannister's, a small firm making cushions and duvets. The firm has a factory outside town and an office in High Street. It shares the building with house agents, Lurke and Dare and solicitor's office, Mark Tower.


          Read the extracts below and respond to the question that follows.

                Lucy wanted a job. More than anyone, more than anything, she wanted a job. She was tired of being poor. She was fed up with macaroni cheese and baked beans. She was sick of second-hand clothes.

                Lucy loved her mother, but could not help wishing she could sometimes lose her temper...Throw saucepans at the spinning, grinning head of Uncle Bert.
                If I get a job, I’m getting out. He’s not drinking up my pay packet...

          Question : Describe Lucy’s home situation and why she wants a job?

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